Amazon Streaming Mystery: Tencent’s Mirriad AI Strategy

Why should we watch commercials on Amazon streaming ? Well, among other factors, Tencent uses Mirriad as a really smart intellectual property strategy for AI-based product placement ! 

Starting on January 29th, advertisements will be shown during streaming movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime Video. Unless you’re ready to give out additional monthly charges. In the US, it will cost $2.99 to avoid advertisements. Since Amazon already has a huge amount of knowledge about consumers and their purchasing habits, it is expected that personalized advertising will bring in more than US$5 billion in sales. 

Why does this make Amazon awkward is the question at hand. How about a far more tasteful product placement? To put it simply, it’s copyrighted by Tencent and Mirriad. Tencent, the owner of the media platform WeChat, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to gently and smoothly insert commercial messages into the feed of already-released (old) movies. 

This is great , it affects the viewers’ buying decisions, and it’s not annoying at all; it’s just that Mirriad has a lot of patents on it, therefore Amazon cannot currently purchase it. Thus the strange promotion that appeared on Amazon on January 29. 

To make things harder for the competition and complicate their business model, anyone who can develop a compelling use case for their product could patent it as well.

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