“AI Growth in Healthcare: Patent Wars, Tech Titans, and the Future Landscape”

AI-related patent filings for healthcare are skyrocketing! How many years will we get out of AI? And are we currently during the patent battles, or when will they begin?

We can now see the massive investments made by the major technology companies in the healthcare industry in the volume of patent applications. More than $3.1 billion was invested in the healthcare sector by Apple, Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta in 2021 alone twice as much as in 2016, and these investments are still being made. PWC estimates that by 2030, the world’s healthcare budget will reach $15 billion, with software, data, and AI applications accounting for a large portion of this amount.

The number of healthcare-related AI patents has increased by 224% in the last five years. The most recent statistics on the healthcare revolution during the previous five years have been released by Mustafa Cakir, one of my newsletter co-authors:

Machine learning: an increase of 185500%!
Neural network learning: a 1700% gain!
Recognition of images and videos: 1255% increase!

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