Large-scale tech investments included, for instance:

Amazon: To establish a presence in the healthcare industry, the company depends on its voice technology know-how and its cloud subsidiary, Amazon Web Services (AWS). It starts new healthcare initiatives through partnerships and mergers.

Microsoft: It is a developing and innovative system for the advancement of healthcare.

Apple: Seeks to transform its consumer goods into useful clinical research instruments and transportable health centers.

Google and Oracle compete to become the go-to cloud platform for software developers, life sciences companies, and healthcare providers.

There will be consequences from these IP investments, hopefully including an increase in average life expectancy. Because of a Masimo patent, Apple will no longer be able to monitor blood oxygen in the USA in its current Apple Watch models. This will not be an isolated incident.

IP is a massive issue for anyone working in the healthcare industry. Every day, the forest grows larger and larger, and nothing needs IP to harm its reputation.

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