The essential technology we use every day, GPS, has an interesting past and is patent-protected!

GPS, which is used by everyone today, was first created in the 1950s by Roger Easton of the US Navy to track satellites. The shocking thing is that GPS is a feat of engineering and physics, not just a way to navigate from point A to point B!

Time signals are transmitted to our devices using atomic clocks that are synchronized within each GPS satellite. Your phone calculates the exact location of you by analyzing the variations in these signals. But there’s still more! Satellite clocks require daily updates to keep up with Earth time due to relativity, which guarantees precise location.

Therefore, keep in mind the amazing science and technology that has been around for decades and continents the next time you use GPS on your phone, in a cab, or in your automobile. GPS is a true monument to human intellect and inventiveness, with uses ranging from everyday convenience to military applications.

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