The Kodak Moment: A Lesson in Adaptation for Modern Businesses


Is it something to be afraid of or treasured? It all depends on how you look at it, albeit for a lot of businesses, the second interpretation may quickly come to pass. Kodak is a warning story, not a unique incident.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Kodak used film to record flawless, unforgettable, and emotionally charged moments that were immortalized in the company’s advertising campaigns. These moments were referred to as Kodak Moments.

What exactly is a Kodak Moment?

“Kodak moment” often refers to a lost opportunity, particularly in terms of embracing the digital revolution. A somber class is provided by the Kodak story. Despite being a pioneer in the field of photography, Kodak’s resistance to change ultimately led to its decline and eventual insolvency in 2012. 

Kodak is an outstanding instance of the innovator’s dilemma, a term that Clayton Christensen clarified. The business struggled to make the transition from film to digital photography.

Even though Kodak invented the digital camera in 1975, introduced photo CDs, and purchased an online photo-sharing website ten years before Instagram, its insistence on hanging onto its profitable chemical film business proved to be fatal. The digital revolution demanded a new mindset, agility, and responsiveness to evolving client needs, all of which Kodak was unable to embrace. 

The contemporary environment presents previously unheard-of difficulties for conventional business models because of the interaction of AI developments, AR/VR metaverse access, and Web3 logic. In the workplace, the phrase “we’re not there yet” is frequently heard, emphasizing how urgent it is to change.

Adopting innovative and strong intellectual property tactics is the answer. Instead of only responding to the future, businesses need to predict it and make plans for it. It’s critical to both your and your IP portfolio’s future.

SKAV Lawians LLP set a mission for International Intellectual Property Studies, is to provide upcoming leaders with the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in this dynamic environment. It’s time to update your IP portfolio and write a new chapter in your life!


The term “Kodak Moment,” which initially described poignant events caught on Kodak film, has evolved into a warning to contemporary companies. Kodak was a pioneer in photography, but its inability to adjust to the digital age brought about its demise in 2012. Future leaders will receive the requisite knowledge and perspectives from the SKAV Lawians LLP.

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