Managing Real Estate Regulatory Authority Litigation: A Handbook for SAKV Lawyers’ Clients


In the dynamic landscape of real estate transactions, disputes can arise, necessitating legal recourse before regulatory bodies like the Litigation before Real estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). For clients of SAKV Lawians, understanding the intricacies of litigation before RERA is crucial for safeguarding their interests.

RERA serves as a pivotal regulatory authority overseeing the real estate sector, ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficiency in real estate transactions. Its primary objective is to protect the interests of homebuyers and promote fair practices within the industry.

Key Aspects of Litigation before RERA

Jurisdiction and Applicability: Clients should be aware that RERA has jurisdiction over disputes pertaining to real estate projects, including issues related to construction quality, delays in possession, misleading advertisements, and unfair practices by developers.

Filing Complaints: SAKV Lawians’ clients can file complaints before RERA against developers, builders, or promoters for various grievances. These complaints must adhere to the prescribed format and include relevant documents supporting the allegations.

ADR Mechanisms: RERA encourages alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms such as mediation and conciliation to resolve disputes amicably and expediently. SAKV Lawians can represent clients in mediation sessions to negotiate favorable settlements.

Adjudication Process: In cases where ADR fails or is not feasible, RERA conducts adjudicatory proceedings to resolve disputes. SAKV Lawians’ expertise in litigation equips them to navigate the adjudication process effectively, presenting compelling arguments and evidence on behalf of their clients.

Enforcement of Orders: Once RERA passes an order in favor of the complainant, it is binding on the concerned parties. SAKV Lawians assists clients in enforcing RERA orders, ensuring timely compliance and securing their rightful entitlements.

Benefits of Legal Representation by SAKV Lawians

SAKV Lawians boasts a team of seasoned legal professionals well-versed in real estate law and litigation strategies, offering clients unparalleled expertise and guidance throughout the legal proceedings.

Customized Legal Solutions: Recognizing the unique circumstances of each case, SAKV Lawians tailors its legal strategies to align with the client’s specific objectives, whether it involves seeking monetary compensation, rectification of defects, or cancellation of agreements.

Proactive Approach: SAKV lawyers adopt a proactive approach to litigation, diligently analyzing the merits of each case, identifying potential challenges, and devising preemptive measures to safeguard clients’ interests effectively.

Client-Centric Representation: With a commitment to client satisfaction, SAKV Lawians prioritizes clear communication, regular updates, and collaborative decision-making, ensuring that clients remain informed and empowered throughout the litigation process.


Litigation before RERA presents a viable recourse for SAKV Lawians’ clients confronted with real estate disputes. By leveraging the expertise and guidance of SAKV lawyers, clients can navigate the complexities of RERA litigation with confidence, secure in the knowledge that their legal interests are in capable hands. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and client advocacy, SAKV Lawians stands as a trusted ally in the pursuit of justice and fairness in the realm of real estate transactions.

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