An app doing human task, will that be acceptable as a Patent?

what if we reinvent the wheel with a digital twist?
imagine a world where instead of leafing through cookbooks, an app transforms your smartphone into a personal chef, suggesting recipes based on your pantry ingredients and dietary preferences,
rather than juggling multiple loyalty cards, a virtual wallet app seamlessly organizes all your rewards programs, ensuring you never miss out on discounts or perks,
let’s not forget about those tedious doctor appointments – what if a telemedicine app connects you with healthcare professionals for virtual consultations and prescription deliveries, all from the comfort of your couch?
imagine a scenario where instead of attending physical fitness classes, an app guides users through personalized workout routines based on their fitness goals and progress.
a system where instead of manually tracking expenses, a computer analyzes spending patterns and offers personalized budgeting advice in real-time
picture a scenario where instead of waiting in line at the bank, a computer app facilitates seamless online banking transactions with advanced security measures.
While these ideas aren’t new, executing them with a computer is innovative.
The Patent Office says, for a software patent, the application must offer “significantly more” than just computerizing existing concepts. Crafting such applications requires intricate programming to replicate human actions accurately. If you pioneer an app enabling financial management without the need for physical presence, it’s novel and arguably non-obvious, deserving of a patent.

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