Yesterday we got chance to play #Monopoly at #BlvdWorld #RiyadhHistory of Monopoly’s Patent

Monopoly isn’t just a game; it’s a story of patents and innovation. Elizabeth Magie Phillips paved the way with her 1904 patent for The Landlord’s Game, a precursor to Monopoly.

Her patents evolved over the years, leading to a new version in 1924. Despite holding the patent until 1935, she sold the rights to Parker Brothers for a mere $500.

Meanwhile, Charles Darrow secured a patent in 1935 for the Monopoly we know today. His invention saw unprecedented success, with Parker Brothers selling 20,000 games weekly. Darrow’s patent, including the iconic game-board layout, set the stage for Monopoly’s enduring legacy.

Monopoly #Patents #Innovation

Read the Claim 1 of U.S. Patent No. 1,509,312 reads as follows:

  1. “A game-board, having corner-spaces, one constituting the starting-point, and a series of intervening spaces indicating different denominations, some of the spaces of the different series corresponding, and distinguished by coloring or other marking, so that the corresponding divisions on the four spaces may be readily recognized. ..”
    Keep gaming and keep inventing

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