Intellectual Property Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on Intellectual Property

Accordion A patent grants an exclusive right to a creator and prevents others from using, making, selling, offering for sale or importing an invention in the country in which the patent is granted. This is a legal right for a specified period of time, for example in India patents are granted for a period of 20 years.Description
The Indian Patent Office (IPO) is responsible for granting patents in India. It is header by Controller General of Patents.
A registered Patent Agent with Indian Patent Office can register a patent. The patent agent is also responsible for any proceedings before the Controller at the IPO.
Patent drafting is the process of writing a legally sound, patent application that can be filed in the patent office. This is an important process as it ensures and covers all rights of the creator of the product/design.
A patent filing process costs start from a few thousands only. The fee also depends on what type of application is being filed by the creator.
Yes, there are free patent databases. They are as follows: Visit ESPACENET Visit USPTO Visit IP India Services Visit WIPO
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