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Our legal team values your intellectual property rights and takes all reasonable precautions to protect them. Our area of expertise in IPR is where we have successfully advised, acquired, and protected the intellectual property rights of our esteemed foreign and domestic customers.

Intellectual property rights are seen by our legal practice as follows:

IPR stands for information, planning, searches, prevention, planning, objections, submissions, preparations, strategies, protection, defense, cease and desist letters, infringement lawsuits, caveats, injunctions, etc.

Research Paper Writing Services

The best chance of academic and professional success is to get a research paper published in a reputable publication. But because it is paved with obstacles, this route is difficult to advance on. When writing a paper, especially your first one, you might run into a writing section. In other instances, the manuscript could be disregarded by publishers due to flaws you are not aware of. 

A research paper takes years to write and publish, therefore it makes sense to use the assistance of experts who offer journal article publication support in India to guarantee success on your first try.

  • Make a list of appropriate target journals for your area of research, including journals with an impact factor.
  • Understand the journal’s guidelines, and let us assist you fulfill them with our proofreading services
  • Our staff is giving research paper publishing support to assist you in organizing your work so that you may submit the paper on time since we are aware of the dates
  • Help you write a compelling cover letter and the abstract that editors will read before the full manuscript is submitted.
  • This will set a good tone for your investigation.
  • To assist you in finding the finest sources for the paper, experts provide research paper writing services.
  • A strong reference list and proper citations can substantially help your paper’s approval.
  • To assist you to pass the first step of publication, our statisticians and counselors examine the technical elements.
  • If your manuscript is returned with revisions requested, we will work with you to make the necessary changes and resubmit the article.


We can ensure that your research paper will be published. Be it research on scientific or social studies subjects, support your manuscript in impact factor journals of the appropriate field. 

Our team includes renowned Ph.D. researchers who have had their work published in reputable international publications. 

Our staff members who assist with journal papers also write cover letters to send to journal editors. This increases the likelihood of a rapid evaluation of the articles.

Plant Variety Protection

Plant breeder’s rights (PBRs), a sort of legal protection for a plant variety, are provided to breeders through plant variety protection. PBRs are forms of intellectual property that grant aregistered variety’s breeder exclusive rights. The Plant Variety Protection And Farmers Rights (PPVFR) Act, 2001 is a unique system in India that attempts to provide an effective system for protecting plant variations as well as the rights of farmers and plant breeders.

A certificate of registration for a variety granted under this Act grants the breeder or his successor, his agent, or licensee the sole right to manufacture, sell, market, distribute, import, or export the variety. 

India’s Registerable Plant Varieties

Under the PPVFR Act of 2001, the following plant varieties can be registered:

  • fresh variants
  • actual variety
  • Farmers’ choice
  • Basically derived type

A new variety will be registered under the PPVFR Act of 2001 based on the criteria of innovation, uniqueness, homogeneity, and stability.

Plant Varieties that are not Registrable in India

The following plant varieties are not permitted to be registered under the PPVFR Act of 2001:

  • Any type where commercial exploitation is prohibited in order to maintain public order or morality, human, animal, and plant life and health, or to avoid major environmental harm.
  • Any kind using any technology that is harmful to the lives or health of humans, animals, or plants. The phrase “any technology” encompasses genetic usage restriction technology as well as terminator technology.
  • Variety pertaining to a species or genus that is not mentioned in the Central Government’s notice.

Protection Period for a Registered Variety

  • Trees and vines – 18 years from the date of variety registration.
  • Extant varieties: 15 years from the date of notice by the Central Government under the Seed Act of 1966.
  • Other crops – 15 years from the date of variety registration.


Advising and assisting customers in assessing the availability of a variety for registration, obtaining permission from the Plant Variety Registry, searching the Official Journal of Plant Varieties, denomination clearance, and meeting registrability standards.

  • Sequence searches for genes and proteins
  • Filing opposition/cancellation notifications on behalf of our clients against any application/registration of infringing variations
  • Assisting clients in enforcing their rights over registered plant types.
  • Assisting clients with the study and marketing of registered plant types
  • Advising clients on plant variety protection issues

Our Premium Services

Prior Art Searches

Commission prior art search and analysis projects for the purposes of determining novelty, freedom to operate, invalidating patents or infringement, portfolio analysis, landscape/white space analysis, competitive analysis and many more.

Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is a highly skilled task, which enables our clients with extensive coverage of their legal rights, and their short term and long term interests. We have a strict check of quality that every patent goes through at IP Legato.

Patent Analytics

Analyze projects for the purposes of determining novelty, freedom to operate, invalidating patents or infringement, portfolio analysis, landscape/white space analysis, competitive analysis and many more.


Distinctive designs graphics, symbols, words, logos or any of its combinations, that identify the company – can be registered as a trademark. It also protects our clients from any illegal or unauthorized use of their marks.


Creation of artistic works which permits the author/creator of the effort to exclusively use, give away, sell, reproduce, prepare new versions, adaptations, public distribution, performance & display to digitally perform the copyrighted work.

Patent Filling

An exclusive right to commercially make, use, distribute or sell a particular product only comes to the creator with a patent. This is achieved by a successful filing of a patent under the necessary jurisdictions. We provide well-planned process.

Registration of Designs

Creation of a novel, innovative and original outer appearance (shape, configuration, alignment and pattern or ornament) of an article can be protected through a registered design.

Geographical Indications

Protect your unique attributes of your products that originates in a given geographical area or reputation due to the place of origin

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