About Us

Our Building Blocks

SkavLawians  LLP is a team of legal experts who endure their knowledge in the industry, to create valuable assets for their clients. Ranging from a wide range of IP & General Law Practice services, the team works round-the-clock in multiple time zones.

Legal Advice and Expertise

High Ethical Standards

Cost Effective Solutions

From our team of IP experts, you can expect the best Protection, Promotion and Management of your assets. Our technical specialists make sure all sectors of industries are serviced well, regardless of their complex work-forms. We value every client and their urgency to address legal matters.


Our Value Proposition

We value your time and make sure that your job is done with utmost proficiency. The most important wedge between us and our clients is the competence we offer in our services

Proficient Team of Legal Experts

In-Time Case to Case Solutions

Industry tie-ups for licensing of your IP assets

Up to 96.3% Success Rate for all Fillings

It is an Excellence award in perusing case of state(criminal) deligently

Our Premium Services

General Law Practices

We understand legal care needs to cover all aspects of protection and support. We appear, defend and conduct legal proceedings in District Courts and High Courts of suitable jurisdictions. We also assist in arbitration matters pertaining to Industrial Constructions, Software development disputes etc.

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