Real Estate

Real Estate Law

Every state has a significant market for property development, and both new entrants and established developers, investors, builders, lenders, corporates, etc. must be able to navigate complicated difficulties.

We offer industry-leading advice and due diligence for a variety of services involving real estate transactions.

Industry Set Up: We provide hands-on guidance for industries establishing themselves in different Indian states with regard to land purchase, title report, comprehensive verification, licensing, and regulatory permissions from the government and statutory agencies, as well as registration in accordance with the relevant local laws.

Contracts   We provide broad writing and review services for Rent agreements, Service agreements, Sale-Purchase-Lease Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Joint Development Agreements, Mortgage Deeds, Redevelopment Contracts, etc. because contract law is one of our primary practice areas.

RepresentationWe often advocate for our clients before different authorities in cases including land usage conflicts, land acquisition processes, the sale of property, leasing concerns, home tax issues, RERA, and municipal ordinances and bylaws.

ConceptOur customers rely on our techniques to handle, steer, and settle the complexities of their business dealings and legal conflicts, fusing legal and business expertise to provide them with advice that leads to favorable outcomes.

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