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Data Privacy and Security Legal Service

The capacity to create, consume, store, and move data has been one of the most significant and dynamic innovations in modern times. With the passage of time and organizations’ increasing reliance on the electronic transfer of personal data, data management to ensure secure processing has become critical.

Data privacy refers to the right handling of data obtained from persons in line with the respective jurisdiction’s legal standards, such as gaining consent, providing notice, and complying with regulatory duties.

Data protection and data privacy regulations in India are in their infancy and are continually developing in response to new and forthcoming advancements in personal data and its usage, storage, and transfer. Furthermore, additional Indian laws have an impact on the legal quandary around data privacy.

Cross-border transmission of sensitive personal information, cloud-based data storage, data regulation based on national and international laws, compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other factors have all added to the complexity of data privacy. 

As a result, for firms involved in the transfer of personal data, a complete and articulate awareness of the laws governing data privacy and data protection in India and globally is critical.

Our Data Privacy Legal Services in India provides strategic advice on data privacy and data protection concerns based on significant legal study and an in-depth grasp of the practical aspects of data management and security. 

Compliance with Indian and international data processing regulations,

  • Legal requirements for the transmission of sensitive personal data, GDPR compliance
  • Organisational Data Privacy and Security Policies
  • Concerns about cyber security and compliance
  • Penalties and crimes relating to data privacy and security
  • Agreements must be written in accordance with national and international data privacy legislation.
  • Hand-held guidance,


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