Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

We are India’s top-ranked and most experienced IBC legal practice. It has an IBC-focused crew. It deals with IBC issues in the NCLT locations in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, New Delhi, and Indore. In other NCLT Benches, it also significantly addresses IBC issues.

To protect creditors’ interests at all times, our IBC law company employs a strategy in accordance with the IBC

Reason of IBC

Compared to the original intent behind the introduction of the IBC, the concept has completely changed. It should be emphasized that eventually, all states will demand a bench to handle applications under the IBC. 

The true purpose and goal of IBC in India have been clearly stated by the Supreme Court in Innoventive Versus ICICI.

Using the IBC – Companies & Employees filing category

IBC has been extensively used by businesses and workers to collect their obligations as creditors, but this journey has only just begun.

The number of requests to file an IBC application in NCLT has increased dramatically from both new and returning clients and if the current trend continues, it is unlikely that it won’t increase much more in the days to come.

We discovered that Companies have all of a sudden been focusing on their unrealized sale revenues and debt and aggressively investigating each and every loan, within the jurisdiction of IBC, with the criteria of “disputed credit” in mind.

If only our IBC law company had played a significant role in the significant number of IBC applications submitted to NCLT.

Many different IBC adjustments are anticipated by our IBC Law firm in Mumbai & Ahmedabad to address many unusual situations.

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