General Corporate and Commercial Laws

General Corporate and Commercial Laws

SKAV LAWIANS LLP has the experience to handle the vast variety of issues and problems that might test any organization. The firm’s legal knowledge covers a wide range of sectors.

The firm advises domestic and foreign clients on a variety of topics, including general corporate compliance, investment regulations, and regulatory compliances.

Our business provides comprehensive hand-held guidance on general corporate and commercial legislation. It starts with strategic advice on the finest corporate governance practices, screening of business transactions, regulatory compliance advice, and business documents.

  • We provide Corporates with strategic advice at all phases of their company, covering:
  • Choosing, forming, and establishing a legal entity,
  • Assistance in conducting 360-degree due diligence, assistance with obtaining permissions and complying with regulations,
  • Drafting of MoA and AoA papers and other necessary paperwork, as well as commercial and Operational restructuring advice.
  • Policy and Regulation Interpretation
  • Provide advice on SEBI, FEMA, company law, factory act, legal metrology, labor laws, etc.
  • Commercial contract and agreement drafting and review services for business documents
  • Issues relating to employment, such as employment contracts, ESOPs, benefits, POSH, disciplinary actions, and termination.
  • Investments made abroad and at home.
  • Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, SPVs, and SPACs
  • Land Purchase and Due Diligence
  • Strategic partnerships and cooperation including technology transfers and licensing
  • Agreements and arrangements for services and regulatory assertions
  • Advice on obtaining government licenses and complying with regulations
  • Advice on Technology Collaboration & Licencing
  • Best practices and safeguards for FinTech goods and services
  • Integration and application of the finest business practices
  • Weekly guidance on different business laws with ramifications for commerce, term sheets, business acquisition agreements, shareholders agreements, non-compete agreements, stock swap agreements, transition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, escrow agreements, and other papers related to transactional support.
  • IP Policy
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements & GDPR Provisions
  • Anti-Corruption Techniques


The M&A team is highly knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of M&A practice, including stock purchases, takeovers, asset transfers, joint ventures, due diligence, etc., including international transactions.

Every M&A transaction receives strategic advice from us to ensure that every component is thought through with three layers of assurance.

A combination of knowledge and skill keeps the company one step ahead of its competitors and allows customers to manage risk and accomplish growth and business goals.

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