Arbitration Law Firm


To achieve the best and desired outcomes in an arbitration process, we think that one should use the finest inventive and strategic maneuvers both before and during the arbitration. Arbitration is our extremely specialist field of practice.

We frequently handle institutional international arbitrations conducted in accordance with the rules of the UNCITRAL, SIAC, ICC, LCIA, AAA-ICDR, ICA, HKIAC, KLRCA, and ad hoc arbitrations.

We are a legal practice with a focus on arbitration, and we handle high-value claims and arbitrations involving many jurisdictions. Our law firms deal with a wide range of complicated issues arising out of agreements and contracts, including arbitration in EPC Contracts, Supply Contract arbitration, shareholder and partnership disputes, violation of conditions, intellectual property disputes, contract termination, and many other arbitration-related matters.

Large corporations, contractors, subcontractors, project owners, developers, joint ventures, vendors, etc. are all often represented by our law company.

In the areas of textiles, plastics, intellectual property, construction and infrastructure, power, service, engineering, consulting, real estate, finance, international investments, information technology, etc., we have managed all arbitration conflicts for businesses.

Our legal practice is comprised of a committed team of eminent local and international arbitration professionals with strong advocacy abilities. In India, we handle high-value commercial arbitrations involving many jurisdictions.

Arbitration is much more than just filings and submissions in a court of law. It is not just about bringing claims and defending against claims.

Our law firm’s arbitration services include the following:

  • IPR Usage Agreements, Commercial Contracts, Service Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, Supply Contracts, Supply & Service Agreements, Marketing Agreements, Sale Agreements, Collaboration Disputes, Contractual Disputes, etc. are just a few examples of the agreements and contracts that we advise on and handle in arbitration. Use the 1996 Arbitration and Conciliation Act and ICA rules to carry out domestic arbitration
  • In advocating and defending clients before arbitral tribunals in contracts and agreements involving arbitration
  • Enforcing arbitral awards and contesting them
  • Providing clients with guidance on a variety of issues related to an arbitration
  • Providing guidance on the selection of arbitrators
  • Applying to halt legal action launched for violating arbitration agreements
  • Creating contracts and agreements for arbitration
  • Legal review of contracts and an arbitration agreement
  • Representing clients in an arbitration petition before the High Courts

Arbitration Benefits in India

  • Minimal procedures and patient hearings,
  • Flexibility in terms of protocols, settings, languages, documentation, etc.
  • Value for Money
  • Understanding of documentary evidence,
  • The effectiveness of natural justice principles,
  • cross-examination, timed proceedings, etc.

These are the special courts or tribunals established under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, of 1996 to help resolve disputes quickly, cheaply, and with the least amount of legal action.

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