The Government of India has given this industry the much-needed exposure and push it needs to flourish and thrive via globalization and the liberalization of significant policies in several key sectors of this sector. In particular, the media sectors of film, television, sports, and gaming have seen unprecedented breakthroughs of enormous scope.

SKAV LAWIANS LLP provides the best TMT practice and is among the most cutting-edge and modern in the field, providing regulatory and transactional legal assistance.

Outsourcing, e-commerce, technology deals, IP strategy, media, and broadcasting are among our main specialty areas. We have one of the most extensive and cutting-edge TMT practices in the business.

We consider TMT law as a way to navigate the interface between legislation and technology, and our committed team treats it as a full-fledged practice area. 

Our goal is to provide our customers guidance that not only takes into account their individual legal requirements but also presents business options as they become available in the context of quickly developing technology.

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