Competition & Antitrust

Competition & Antitrust

We at SKAV LAWIANS LLP handle the complete spectrum of matters relating to antitrust and competition law, including:

  • Merger management,
  • Cartels and other restrictive arrangements;
  • Abuse of market dominance,
  • Contracts for concessions,
  • Communicate with IPRs
  • Customer Law
  • Due diligence and market/sector studies,
  • Antitrust and competition law lawsuit,

From industry leaders to emerging market issues, we provide advice to a wide range of customers.

As one of the few legal companies, we have a significant number of lawyers with expertise in corporate strategy, economics, or competition regulators. The assessment and highlighting of the risk and potential for the client themselves through extended client contact is something we support.

We have the honor of working with customers of all sizes in sectors as diverse as energy, airlines, vehicles, chemicals, manufacturing, transportation, and waste management, as well as in the fields of technology and the internet, telecommunications and media, medicines and health care, consumer goods, and finance.

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