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Goods & Services Tax Law 

SKAV LAWIANS LLP manages all GST-related concerns for any Indian company, our law firm is involved in litigation and proactive counseling work. We assist every company in ensuring aggressive litigation, and in the pre-GST period, we assist in providing well-planned litigation.

GST is not just a tax reform. Because any mistake might result in unanticipated liabilities with reoccurring repercussions, the correct counseling function in GST is essential.

We strategically handle show cause responses and personal appearances at hearings appeals to commissioners and personal appearances at hearings, appeals to CESTAT and personal appearances at hearings, tax appeals in high courts and personal appearances at hearings, etc. in Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

GST In India

To make the law work for you, we attempt to make the situation as simple as possible, collect as much information as possible from different sources, conduct in-depth research, assess the data, and employ every tactical option.

We also deal with problems involving advance rulings, settlement commissions, and compounding of G&S Tax violations, among other things.

AdvisoryCorporations, MNCs, and even SMEs employ tax experts in-house to handle GST issues. However, legal counsel from tax professionals and activists can really make a difference. Advisory services function as a protected move, letting you know the potential repercussions and available defenses in the case of an unexpected responsibility.

Goods and Services Tax Litigation and Advisory – Goods and Services Tax is a new tax. Therefore, GST will have profound effects, particularly on businesses involved in construction, engineering, turnkey projects, construction contracts, services, etc. Large liabilities can be avoided with a quick fix.

We study, recommend, and put into best practices. With a consequent optimization of the Input Tax Credit, we guarantee adequate compliance and service tax structuring.

Optimizing the use of input tax credits (ITC) is something we recommend. The highest amount of the input tax credit is claimed while all precautions are taken.

Input Tax Credit- Organizations with many operating units, multi-location contracts, input service distribution, numerous types of transactions, etc. are ideally suited for ITC optimization. Input tax credit optimization is strongly advised for businesses with all types of units, such as SEZ, 100% EOU, and DTA units.

Ex Parte Counsel Opinion- We provide businesses from practically every sector with ex-parte legal opinions about Goods & Services Taxes. In particular, regarding service tax in India, we are frequently asked for a second opinion on important matters.

We always provide solid justification, research, and case law to back up our written judgments, which are based on in-depth analyses of the subject matter.

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